Frequently Asked Questions

How does Star Rentals charge for equipment?

Star Rentals has flexible, business-friendly policies. You only pay for the actual time you have any particular piece of equipment. Unlike other rental companies who charge in 1/2 day increments past 24 hours, we prorate all charges to the actual duration of your rental. For example, if your use goes past seven days on equipment charged at a ‘weekly’ rate, we will prorate your charges to the actual duration of your rental. This can frequently result in a lower daily amount to you, depending on the length of time beyond your ‘week.’

Are there additional charges for Loss & Damage Waiver?

No. The price quoted is the price you pay. At Star Rentals, there are never any hidden charges for Loss & Damage Waiver, environmental or other fees. In most cases, our policy of not charging for these ‘extras’ will save you more than 10% off the total rental charge compared to other rental companies.

How long will it take to open an account?

We can get your account opened fast. In fact, most account applications are processed the same day, so you won’t have to wait to start your project.

Can I manage my account online?

Yes, with our Star Rentals online account management tool, you get online access to your equipment rental and account information. Available to our customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, it provides a convenient way to manage and track your account information.

How complicated are the invoices?

They are not complicated. We have designed accurate and easy-to-understand invoices and statements that you can also access online. Because we have a local presence, you can also give us a call if you have a question about any invoice or charge. We will be able to answer your questions today, not next week.
View sample invoice/statement (PDF)

What happens if the equipment should require field maintenance on the job site?

With a team of shop mechanics who are among the best in the business; 99% of all downtime issues are resolved the same day. Sometimes even brand new equipment requires field maintenance. If that happens, our maintenance crew is dispatched within minutes of notification to your job site. If the equipment can’t be repaired in the field, we will exchange your equipment with a similar unit quickly.